Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Honor Society in ACTION! by Michaela Correa

Photo by Marcelina Washington
With emotions running high and my heart still racing, I am so happy to say that I feel the Honors in Action Project was an absolute success!

Today we, the members of PTK, got to see everything we have worked on for the last few weeks come together! From the Beginnings of Technology, with the wonderful Raven as our leader and myself to present, to the heated debate between our pseudo-politicians on Pro and the pseudo-activists on Con, all the way to the wonderfully fun futuristic presenters, everything had such a feeling of wonder and excitement! It was a wonderful moment in time and I am so happy to have been a part of it.

Though I was a bit biased, and gave a rather passionate argument for the con side of the debate, I adored how well Pro handled everything, it really felt like they were politicians.
I am so proud of everyone involved, including those who didn’t present. The audience was wonderful and polite, the researchers were thorough, everyone seems so passionate and confident, and I loved every single part. With passionate speeches from Raven, Julio, and Debbie, the meeting started and ended with a sense of togetherness that lasted long after I walked out of the conference room!

I can’t wait to see the video of our entire presentation and I especially can’t wait for all the things to come in my next two semesters with PTK!


  1. Thanks for posting! I also learned a lot in throughout this process, and I am glad we could support each other, even when we did not agree with one another ;)

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