Phi Theta Kappa: Your Golden  Opportunities
  • The official, gold-embossed Certificate, certifying your membership in the only international honor society recognizing academic excellence in community colleges; and a wallet sized membership Identification Card for instant member verification.
  • The Phi Theta Kappa Transcript Stamp, providing a permanent certification of membership, and serving as a lifetime endorsment of your academic achievment. *
  • The privilege to wear the golden, monogrammed Honors Stoel and Honors Tassel at commencment, recognizing your superior scholastic achievement. *
  • A subscription to Society publications, including the Transfer Scholarship Directory, 3.5 PLUS annual journal, the Golden Key Newsletter, and the opportunity to be published in the honors anthology Nota Bene. Hundreds of members have had their writings published in the Society's internatioanl literary honors anthology, Note Bene. As a member, you will have the opportunity to be published! The year's most outstanding submission is honored with the $1,000 Citation Scholarship. Four members' manuscripts are chosen to recieve $500 Reynolds Scholarships.
  • An automatic invitation to be included, at no obligation, in the National Dean's List publication of honor students in two-year colleges and four-year institues and graduate programs; and to be eligible for National Dean's List Scholarships totalling $30,000.
  • Phi Theta Kappa funds annuall schlarships to assist members in completing their associate degree studies. A total of $5,000 is awarded yearly to 10 "Leaders of Promise."
  • Imagine yourself as a Summer Intern at the U.S. Deoartment of State, Deparment of Education, Deparment of Agriculture, Deparment of State, Deperment of Health and HUman Service, the National Science Foundation, or the Environmental Protection Agency. Memebers of Phi Theta Kappa who are nominees for the All-USA Academic Team are eligible to apply for prestigious intern positions reserved for them at these and many other agencies throughout Washington, D.C.
Note :  * Contingent on your college's policy
Five Star Program:

— Rewarding Students who participate with the PTK organization
— Students receive points for participation
— Points are then converted to stars
— Students are rewarded by amount of stars

How members earn points for 5 Star Program:
— Registered PTK members-15 points
— PTK Officer- 30 points
— Officer assistant or committee member- 20 points
— Each attended PTK meetings- 4 points
— Per 2 hours as PTK Ambassador(volunteer)- 7 points
— Peer Mentor-20 points
— Student Ambassador- 15 points
— Member of BMCC Club- 5 points
— Honor’s Project- 20 points
— Sports- 10 points
— Referrals- 5 points
— 3.0-3.19 gpa- 10 points
— 3.2-3.39 gpa- 12 points
— 3.4-3.59 gpa- 14 points
— 3.6-3.79 gpa- 16 points
— 3.8-3.99 gpa- 18 points
— 4.o gpa- 20 points
— Member of BMCC or Student Government  Committee-10 points
— Senator of Student Government Assosiation-10 points
— Any other points opportunities mentioned at our chapters meetings, blogs, or face book.

How points become stars:
— 5 stars = 150 points or higher
— 4 stars = 135-149
— 3 stars = 120-134
— 2 stars = 105-119
— 1 star = 90-104

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     + Direct of 5 Star program : Cynthia Hendrix
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