Kick Starting our Blog for Fall 2014 Semester!! by Michaela Correa

With the first two days of class over and done with, I feel it is time to kick start the blog!

How were your summers?
How are your schedules?
Did you have fun?
Did you hangout with lots of friends?

There’s nothing much to report, nothing much to say so early in the semester.

So! What do I have to say? Well…
Here’s to the summer soon past. Here’s to the semester just started. Here’s to the friends we have and the ones we will come to know. Here’s to falling leaves and pumpkin spice. Most of all though, here’s to all of you for making it to another semester!

I am so excited for the PTK meetings to start up again so that I might see old friends and make new ones! I have missed you all so much over the summer, see you all again soon!

photo credit: Lel4nd via photopin cc

Vote, Vote, Voting!: An Inside Look into our Election Day Meeting by Michaela Correa

Julius Diaz preparing to give his campaign speech
Photo by Marcelina Washington
Vote, vote, voting!

That was the exciting happening of the final meeting of the semester, picking four new executive board members! We had professional looking ballets and everything!

There was something absolutely wonderful about listening to the heartfelt speeches of the people I have come to consider very good friends as they attempted to plead their case and prove just how qualified they are for the role. I wished I could have voted for all of them, every single candidate was wonderful and I loved them all so much. It was insanely difficult to vote for only three of them, as I am sure everyone agrees.
Despite this happening during the final meeting of the semester, it never once held a feeling of finality; all I could feel was the anticipation of jumping right back into it next semester

In the end, I am overwhelmingly proud of everyone who was involved and I want to give a big, big congratulations to our winners: Deborah N. Freire, Julius Diaz, Patricia Zeballos, and Elizabeth Ildefonso! To all those who didn't get elected, I wish you all the luck in the world because I hope to see you all run again next semester!

Stay tuned for more blog entries to be written after finals and good luck to everyone during finals week!

Executive Board Elections: And the WINNERS ARE!!!

All of our amazing candidates!
photo by Marcelina Washington 

Dear Alpha Kappa Chapter!

Executive Board Members Julio and Alvad passing the torch.
Photo by Marcelina Washington
Yesterday at our general meeting we had our Executive Board Elections. Each of our candidates gave moving speeches on how they could benefit our chapter as Executives and it wasn't an easy decision by a long shot.
Well the votes have been tallied and our new Executive Board Team are:

Julius Diaz
Deborah N. Freire
Elizabeth Ildefonso
Patricia Zeballos

Congratulations to our victors and to all the candidates that ran. I am truly proud of all of our members and I expect to see each and everyone of you when we get back from summer break.

See you all next semester and I wish you all a whole hearted good luck on finals!

Marcelina Washington
Minutes Officer and Blog Admin
Phi Theta Kappa
Alpha Kappa Chapter

THIS WEDNESDAY: Induction Ceremony Reminder!

Just a reminder for folks who didn't attend our last meeting or for those who don't have a Facebook page.

This springs Induction Ceremony for new members will take place,

THIS: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
FROM: 4 - 5:30pm in Theater II, followed by a celebratory dinner in the Richard Harris Terrace
AT: BMCC's Main Campus, 199 Chambers Street

Though it is an induction ceremony, all members, past and present are encouraged to attend and lend support to our newest members.
Also don't forget to RSVP to the E-Invite sent to your email address and let us know if your coming and bringing a guest.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!!

Marcelina Washington
Minutes Officer and Blog Admin.

Honor Society in ACTION! by Michaela Correa

Photo by Marcelina Washington
With emotions running high and my heart still racing, I am so happy to say that I feel the Honors in Action Project was an absolute success!

Today we, the members of PTK, got to see everything we have worked on for the last few weeks come together! From the Beginnings of Technology, with the wonderful Raven as our leader and myself to present, to the heated debate between our pseudo-politicians on Pro and the pseudo-activists on Con, all the way to the wonderfully fun futuristic presenters, everything had such a feeling of wonder and excitement! It was a wonderful moment in time and I am so happy to have been a part of it.

Though I was a bit biased, and gave a rather passionate argument for the con side of the debate, I adored how well Pro handled everything, it really felt like they were politicians.
I am so proud of everyone involved, including those who didn’t present. The audience was wonderful and polite, the researchers were thorough, everyone seems so passionate and confident, and I loved every single part. With passionate speeches from Raven, Julio, and Debbie, the meeting started and ended with a sense of togetherness that lasted long after I walked out of the conference room!

I can’t wait to see the video of our entire presentation and I especially can’t wait for all the things to come in my next two semesters with PTK!