Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Honors in Action Conference: New York Region

New York Honors & Leadership Conference 

  Emily, Juliana, Laurie, and Edwin at Syracuse University

Background Information:                                                  Keynote Speakers: 
Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration                                    Dr. Van Arsdale (Political Economy)         Onondaga Community College                                               Susan Edwards (Hallmark Award Tips)
Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter                                                      Dr. Braunberger (Human Expression)
Syracuse, NY                                                                          Michele Ley (Natural Environment) 
October 16-18 2015                                                                Amie Bernstien (Vice President Adress)
Activities:                                                                              College Appearances:
Roll Call+Ice Breakers                                                          Cornell University /  Marist College      
Keynote Address+Seminar Groups                                        University of Rochester / Monroe College
Fellowship Events+College Transfer Fair                              Pace University / Wells College

Fun Fact: Phi Theta Kappa Pin as a symbol
Black enamel Band: Phi (wisdom) Theta (aspiration) Kappa (purity) 
Behind the band: wreath--> Oak (stability/strength of character) Laurel (achievement/success)
Above band: head of Athena--> Goddess of Learning 
Below band: Greek letters meaning light--> light of learning and knowledge 
Colors: Blue (scholarship) and Gold (purity) 
Laurie Ferreras 
Journalist Officer and Supervisor
Alpha Kappa Chapter 
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society 


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