Friday, May 16, 2014

Vote, Vote, Voting!: An Inside Look into our Election Day Meeting by Michaela Correa

Julius Diaz preparing to give his campaign speech
Photo by Marcelina Washington
Vote, vote, voting!

That was the exciting happening of the final meeting of the semester, picking four new executive board members! We had professional looking ballets and everything!

There was something absolutely wonderful about listening to the heartfelt speeches of the people I have come to consider very good friends as they attempted to plead their case and prove just how qualified they are for the role. I wished I could have voted for all of them, every single candidate was wonderful and I loved them all so much. It was insanely difficult to vote for only three of them, as I am sure everyone agrees.
Despite this happening during the final meeting of the semester, it never once held a feeling of finality; all I could feel was the anticipation of jumping right back into it next semester

In the end, I am overwhelmingly proud of everyone who was involved and I want to give a big, big congratulations to our winners: Deborah N. Freire, Julius Diaz, Patricia Zeballos, and Elizabeth Ildefonso! To all those who didn't get elected, I wish you all the luck in the world because I hope to see you all run again next semester!

Stay tuned for more blog entries to be written after finals and good luck to everyone during finals week!

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