Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Alpha Kappa Elects Two New Executives

Feb 29- In room N771 members of the Alpha Kappa Chapter at BMCC elected two new executive board members to fill positions vacated last semester. The winners of the election, Susan Anton and Victoria Dombroski, will join veteran executives Euri Parios and Ajae Gonzalez.

The election began with speeches from each candidate. “Preparing the notes for the speech was somewhat difficult, because we had three minutes to really sell ourselves,” says Dombroski. She plans to leave behind a neatly organized package on all Alpha Kappa projects by the end of her term. Dombroski offered her secretarial skills as an executive officer.

Anton plans to boost PTK membership at BMCC by increasing Alpha Kappa’s presence on campus. Outside of the Chapter, Anton is a PAL’s assistant and serves as a tutor on campus. She hopes to educate students at BMCC about the advantages of the Honor Society.

Alpha Kappa Officer Romina Moyano ran against Anton and Dombroski for one of the open positions. “I want to make my involvement more official and make a commitment to the chapter,” Moyano said in her election speech. She now plans to represent the Chapter by running for Regional Office.

PTK Member Dana Smith says Anton and Dombroski seem “committed and loyal to positively [impacting] Phi Theta Kappa.”

The new executives will lead the Chapter through the Spring Semester along with longtime board members Parios and Gonzalez. Alpha Kappa is expected to tackle a range of issues this semester, such as completing the Honors in Action Project and laying the groundwork for the College Project to be finished next fall. Faculty Advisor Alex D’Erizans expects the executive board to oversee every aspect of the chapter. To get things done, he says they must “be humble enough to listen, but set the agenda.”

“You are the leader,” says D’Erizans.

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