Thursday, January 19, 2012


Nov 30 –PTK hosted a debate asking the question, “Is it ethical for employers to screen social networking sites before hiring potential job candidates?” The purpose of the debate was to educate BMCC students about how posts on sites like Facebook can impact their eligibility for future hire.

Executive Board member Elena Matveeva opened the debate saying, “The power of social sites is to connect with others. The peril is that information is shared with everyone, and the promise is to use social networking sites to your benefit.” Matveeva pointed out that information published online is public and students should expect no right to privacy in their social profiles.

During the debate, students learned what types of online activity could diminish their chances of employment from a national survey conducted by The survey concluded that inappropriate pictures, derogatory comments, and poor communication skills were the leading causes for being disregarded.

The event focused around a debate where PTK students presented issues for and against online screening. Bibechana Basnet believes employers’ don’t have the right to screen. “The Constitution makes no distinction between professional and private life. This is turning out to be an ethical issue. People are losing jobs.” 

On the other side of the issue, Hyeon Kwang Choi related an incident when an Ohio Burger King manager found a video of an employee showering in the restaurant sink during the night shift. The employee was fired immediately. Choi pointed out “You are responsible for what you comment and post (on social networking sites).”

The debate concluded with a presentation on how students can improve their online profiles to make themselves more appealing to employers. Joining professional and leadership groups online, posting awards and accolades, and posting positive comments were suggested as the best ways to improve a person’s profile.


  1. A very creative post. Very good way to improve the quality of the students of the BMCC. Students are aware about the social media,then they are more know about what happens in their world. Even every one post different type of the events and share their experience of the jobs and in touch to each other. Some share live concert videos, some shares holidays trips pics., Some share idiots wrong Parking Near BMCC etc.