Saturday, November 26, 2011

Public Debate

Whether or Not Employers Should Use Social Networking Sites to Screen Job Applicants

The debate will address the problem of employers' use of social networking sites, particularly Facebook, to perform background checks on job candidates. You will hear interesting speeches, discover shocking facts, listen to a professional opinion, and learn how you can protect yourself from curious employers.


  1. Thank you all for joining our Debate today! I was pleased to see that our Facebook topic did not leave any of you indifferent and inspired you to share your own feelings about employers' use of social networking sites in hiring process. I am endlessly grateful to our debate teams, whose intense argument greatly spiced up our event and helped our audience shape up their own opinion on this question. I was happy to see these animated faces of our speakers who were ready to stand up for their beliefs till the end, answering the sweeping amount of questions from the audience.
    Thank you, guys! You all did an amazing job today!

  2. Profiling on the social networking sites for job is not vague but there should be some alternative of access to personal profile.
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