Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our 2014 Honors in Action Project is Coming Together...

With Honors in Action project in full swing, I am so happy to see everyone in our chapter working hard! The four groups, History, Pros, Cons, Future, seem to be getting along well from what I observed. From my own place in the History group, it couldn't be truer. Everyone seems to be eager to do their work and in helping out with the project as a whole.

This project is more than just fun banter, though it’s been great getting to know everyone. The research we are doing is bringing to light the fact that there is so much happening and that has happened in the world of technology and surveillance. I have gotten to witness the shock and the curiosity on the faces of the other members of the History group as they learn of about how technology has been used for and against humanity. Here we are, coming together as groups, friends, and colleagues, while also learning…it is such an amazing situation!

Many people in my group have already come forward to offer ideas, thoughts, and words of encouragement as we research even more information. I can only hope and imagine it is the same for the other groups!


Our Honors in Action Topic for this year is Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration and the theme we chose as a group was Exploring Political Economy
According to our guide:
“Political economy explores the ways in which
government affects the allocation of scarce resources
in society through laws and policies, as well as the ways
in which economic interests affect the form of
government a nation has. Political economy also involves
the use of game theory, since groups competing for finite
resources and power must determine which courses of action
will give the most beneficial results and what the probability
of those results being reached are…”
“Understanding political economy better prepares us to recognize new
frontiers and to determine how to explore them in meaningful ways.”
- Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration: Honors Program Guide

The Honors in Action Project is used to help Phi Theta Kappa Members excel beyond the classroom by engaging us in a challenge of research and discussion that will increase our knowledge of the world, and our knowledge of each other. The project allows members to become leaders by becoming advocates and taking action on global issues through service.

For general information on Honors in Action click here.

For more information on our Honors in Action Topic and Theme click here.

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