Monday, November 12, 2012

PTK Photo Contest

Phi Theta Kappa is holding a photo contest. Chapters were invited to submit a photo with a short caption of the best reason to join Phi Theta Kappa.

Alpha Kappa Board Members Amanda Chan, Sofi Papadopoulou, Officer Romina Moyano, and Active Member Carlo Fervil entered Alpha Kappa in the photo contest. Most of the credit goes to Carlo, as he was the most enthused and put in most of the work. Thanks Carlo!


Our entry is up on the PTK best reason to join photo contest Facebook page. Please got to the page (here) and vote for our chapter!

Here is our entry:

Title: Alpha Kappa – Commit to Complete

Photo Description: Alpha Kappa members expressing joy and pride of the amount of signature shown on their Commit to Complete poster.

Our best reason to join Phi Theta Kappa is that the organization has many opportunities to transform its student members into worldly scholars and community activists. It has continued to help us grow as individuals and has helped us become true leaders. The lessons we have learned as well as the support we have gained from the conventions, the scholarships, and performing the honor-in-action projects, have transcend us to a level where only true leaders can reach. Along this path to leadership, we have formed life-lasting friendships with other members who share the same passion to succeed. We have inspired each other to work harder and to become better than we could have ever imagined. Phi Theta Kappa has opened the door to a better future – to a better us.

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