Monday, November 12, 2012

College Completion Initiative

On Wednesday, October 3rd and Tuesday, October 9th Alpha Kappa was collecting signatures for C4 – Community College Completion Corps. This was part of a nation wide educational initiative to encourage students to receive their associate degree or certificate.

C4 is a partnership of six leading organizations including Phi Theta Kappa and to promote college completion. This is to support President Obama’s goal of doubling the number of college graduates by 2020. Phi Theta Kappa responded with a call to action of all its chapters and the Alpha Kappa chapter responded enthusiastically.

Signing events are being held all across the country. Signatures are collected from students as a symbolic commitment to stay in college and get their degree. We had our own two day signing event here and collected close to 1,500 signatures of commitment from BMCC students!  We also dispersed information on why it is so important to get a college degree to the student body to encourage their commitment.
*Did you know that by 2020 60 percent of jobs will require a college credential?!
You can find more valuable information at the C4 site and in their student guide.

We will also be using the C4 initiative and the topic of college completion as a springboard for our college project for the chapter. 

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